Mortgage Checklist

Below is a summary checklist of the information you will likely need to provide at the time of your application. It is important to note that you and your spouse need to provide full financial background information, as do any co-borrowers.

Purchase Contract and Property Information
•Complete copy of the purchase and sale agreement signed by the buyers and sellers
• Contact information for access to the property for appraisal
•Evidence of septic pumping and county certification (FHA and VA loans only)
•Copy of current well test and county certification (FHA and VA loans only)
•Plans and specifications (new construction only)

Personal Information
•Social Security number
•Marital status
•Number and age of dependents
•Current address and telephone number
•Addresses for past two years, if applicable
•Current housing expenses (rent, mortgage, insurance and taxes)
•Name and address of landlord/mortgage holder for past two years

Employment History and Income
•Past two years of employment history
•Most recent pay stubs
•Past two years of tax returns and W-2 forms
•If self-employed, complete personal and business tax returns with current profit and loss statement
•Current records of dividends and interest received
•Proof of other income (such as award letters for Social Security, retirement, pension or military retirement benefits)

•Most recent three months of statements for checking and savings accounts, including money market accounts
•Most recent statements for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments
•Current statements for retirement accounts (IRA, 401(k), 403(b), annuity, etc.)
•Face amount and cash value of life insurance
•Information about any real estate you own
•Information about any cars you own
•Value of any other significant personal property you own

Liabilities and Debts
•Itemized list of all current debts: loans, credit cards, child support payments, 401(k) loans and any other bills
•Written explanation of any past credit problems

Additional Information
•Complete bankruptcy papers, discharge notice and any other supporting documentation (if bankruptcy occurred in last seven years)
•Copy of divorce decree, including property settlement statement and order of child support
•Original certificate of eligibility (VA loans only)
•Copy of DD214 or Statement of Service (VA loans only)
•For non-U.S. citizens, copy of green card or visa